Movie Rating:3/5

Actor Nani as a Local boy Babu is a happy very guy with totally no direction or purpose in life. Nani as a B.Tech student makes numerous attempts to clear his backlog exams. At this time in his life, he falls in love with Keerthy Suresh (Keerthy) a perky and cheerful girl. Babu tries his level best to impress Keerthy, but all his inceptive attempts are impede. Its just like his never ending attempts to clear his backlogs, Babu does not gives up and ultimately wins her over. But Keerthy father opposes the love, the father of Keerthy is Babu's professor in B.Tech. Eventually Keerthy promises her dad that she will choose her life partner as per his prefers. The Next line of the story follows Babu as he resolves all the issues and gets his love.

Verdict: The Movie is incredibly obvious, for youth audience the movie will clasp and for others audience its a average content movie. The movie would have had nothing much to offer only rides on Nani and nothing more.

Taaza Vaartha

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