The Indian government is now attempting to extend an order to make compulsory to sing the anthem at schools. Earlier in December Supreme Court announced that in all cinemas the national anthem should play before screenings and the citizens would have to 'stand up in respect' for the duration. Too much disrespect of national symbols had been pamper in the name of 'individually perceived notions of freedom', the court said

The SC, clarified on Tuesday that the national anthem order did not pressure anyone to sing, and that cinemagoers could remain seated if the music was played in the course of a film or documentary. Mukul Rohtagi (Indian attorney general) suggested the court to reconsider a 30-year-old judgment that grants schoolchildren the right not to sing the national anthem. Rohtagi said it was 'extremely important to instill a sense of nationalism from childhood' and that 'the legal position does not remain static and must change with the times', as per the Indian Express. And the government has been forced to clarify how the law should apply to people unable to stand due to injury or disability, ordering that instead they should try not to move and maintain the maximum possible alertness physically.

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