American President Donald Trump policy 'America First' might garner the interest in certain sectors, it may result in the United States losing out in others mostly in the IT sector, in which US is a keen leader globally. Donald Trump has proposed to change America's immigration policy. This includes the H-1B visa, which the IT sector companies send thousands of highly-skilled professionals to US every year by using H-1B visa. Top Corporate analysts in India, says that changes made to H-1B visas are not a good thing for the United States, as it may lose its fringe over others in the IT race.

United States and India share a strong economic relationship, and US IT sector is energised largely by the Indian IT professionals. In India, both industry experts as well as engineering students feels that changes to the H-1B visa will affect both countries. US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have extended invitations to each other to visit their respective countries might be heading for a clash on the visa issue, says analysts.

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