JanaSena President Pawan Kalyan has widen his support for Jallikattu. He said to ban on bull break sport is a direct attack on Dravidian culture and its probity. Pawan Twitted 'Ban on Jallikattu and cockfight by government of India is an attack on Dravida culture and its integrity. This is how it is being viewed in dakshin (south) Hindustan. I had observed this deep hurt in people while shooting in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu'. 'Animal cruelty is cited as the reason to ban Jallikattu. If we truly consider this puritanical approach, then we have to examine the statistics of Indian beef export and poultry industry' Pawan added. Pawan asked 'Why the animal cruelty act applied only to Jallikattu where the animals getting injured or killed is insignificant when compared to the amount of animals that had to be slaughtered for business'. 

Protests have been taking place in the city since Monday against the ban on the popular and ancient bull-break sport by the SC. Tamil filmdom on Friday is observing a day long fast to express solidarity with youngsters protesting against the ban on Jallikattu.


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