Movie Rating: 3/5

The Movie Khaidi No 150 is an action drama, in which Mega Star Chiranjeevi plays Dual roles, one is a trivial thief who escapes from jail and comes to a village, and another is a revolutionary social activist. Farmers in the village fight against a corporate company which wants to occupy their lands by clasp or offender. Mega Star fights for the helpless farmers plays the role of Tarun Arora. The real twist in the movie is the Police arrest social activist by presuming that he was a thief. The Thief understands the problems of farmers and finally decided to help farmers from company who wants to occupy their lands and his plans against the company shows how script plays a major role. The Movie runs interesting elements of the story.

Verdict: Chiranjeevi looks as younger than his previous movie and his body language is top-engrave. Mega Star has shown negligible differences between the two characters. In the Movie 1st and 2nd half are totally ginormous. Dialogues are superb and clap-worthy. 

Note: Don't compare with "Katthi"

Taaza Vaartha

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