In the Year 2016, India recorded a huge of 300 million Smartphones shipped, an increase of 18% from the 2015. India raised in the world smartphone market, which grew by only 3%, as per the data from Counterpoint Research. Indian brand phone makers, have little base for celebration. In the last three months of the year 2016, no Indian homegrown phone makers accent among the top five the first time that has ever happened.

Ideally, Samsung and Chinese brands prevail the market, pointing towards a tragic 2017 for local brands such as Intex and Micromax. Chinese manufacturers displayed their stretch sinew by taking up 46% of the market for new smartphones from October to December, up from 14% of the year 2016. India's notes ban damaged mobile sales from November onwards. That will likely roll into the new year as the ongoing shortages at some ATM's makes big-ticket purchases awkward.

Here we Present top five of 2016
Samsung – 25%
Micromax – 11%
Lenovo & Motorola – 9%
Intex – 7%
Reliance Jio – 6%

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