The Year 2016 was of hits and flops for Andhra Pradesh with many disparity in its history. The only significant event to happen in this year was shifting of the state's administrative operations to the new Amaravati from Hyderabad. Following many false commence, finally the Andhra Pradesh Secretariat (temporary) started functioning at Velagapudi village from this October. The Government's single biggest failure was its inability to begin the developments of new capital city. The Government has come out with a series of glorious images of the new capital city, and the year 2016 spent without finalising a single design for capital city thereby further impeding the construction activity. 

Infact the state has achieved a 'double digit' economic growth rate. However, in reality the state is grappling to make ends meet because of huge revenue deficit. In the year 2015-16, the state's economy grew at 10.99% and, in the six months of 2016-17, it was raised up to 12.23%. There were too many cynicism in the state's economic story. The state's revenue proceeds rise to INR 22,800 Crores in the six months of the 2016-17 financial year as INR 20,166 Crores in the corresponding period of last year, resulting 13.05% increase. But the ascend revenue deficit stood at INR 6,641 Crores during the six months of this fiscal has become daunting. 

The government estimates an pandemic revenue deficit of INR 4,868 Crores in the year 2016-17 but increased spending has resulted in a vast gap. The demonetisation to cause a further hollow to its slump economy, with the revenues immerse by 30%. Though the state had topped the list in Ease of Doing Business rankings in the country but it didn't bring an expected or promised investments and everything are been remained only 'in the pipeline' thus far. The government claims that close to INR 4 lakh crores worth investments were to flow into the state in various sectors, going by the number of MoU's signed during the Partnership Summit in January 2016. But many of those MoUs still remain only on paper. The state couldn't wangled the promised 'special category state' status and had to settle for a 'special economic package' and still not been 'operationalised'. In the current year the power sector has been the real induct renown for Andhra Pradesh with the state ranking on top in energy efficiency in the country. 

The state power utilities have won a numerous awards at the national level on different efficiency criterion even as Andhra Pradesh turned power surplus (over 10,000 million units) and has also transformed into a 'seller' from a 'purchaser'. On the political the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) made itself a stronger by entice as many as 21 out of 67 MLA's of the only YSR Congress. The Opposition's weakness on all political counts has become the strength of the ruling party which otherwise started facing rough weather among the electorate for a diversity of reasons. The Congress is still in the dumps while the BJP  and TDP's partnership in power hasn't gained muscle.

We Taaza Vaartha believe that ''The year 2017 holds out a lot of hope for Andhra Pradesh People as it could essentially crier the development of their vision capital city''.

Taaza Vaartha

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