Jana Sena party leader Pawan Kalyan in Twitter diatribe pointed the NDA led government over the issue of patriotism. Kalyan took an deviation to the SC order, which made compulsory of playing the national anthem at all cinema theatres across the country. Kalyan questioned that to whom he should show his patriotism and why the film theatres are twirl for testing one's love for the country. 'True patriotism will come into experience when an individual or political party goes beyond caste, class, creed, region, religion, ethic n linguistic differences, Kalyan posted in his Twitter page.

Pawan added 'Patriotism cannot be seen through as one party's perspective or ideals. The meaning of true 'Patriotism' is deeply rooted in human value and it is holistic nature. He also tweeted that  'In a democracy, differing with the ruling party's opinion cannot be labelled as anti-national. Even if they want to take such extreme view about their opponents, first let them hear out ..with out stifling their voice, then take the needed action. In haste, if they take any action it will only backfire as it did.. in 'JNTU' students sedition case and it was proven that the tape was doctored. He pointed out that, 'A simple evening to spend time with family and friends to watch a movie has been made into a testing ground to prove one’s patriotism,  kalyan added. 

Source: Twitter 

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