As per the United States based arms control organisation, an draft overture for accepting new members into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) tarmac way for India's entry and leaves out Pakistan.  Previous week, the US media reported that Rafael Mariano Grossi (former NSG chairman) had prepared a two-page record stating how a non-NPT state, like India and Pakistan can join the group. The record prepared by Rafael proposes that 'one non-NPT member state should extend an digestion not to block concord on membership for another non-NPT member state'. Daryl Kimball (Director-Arms Control Association executive) said Pakistan inert has grounds to object to the formula outlined by Rafael. Daryal explains that the record requires Pakistan to meet the same yardstick for membership as India, adding Islamabad will have to win a separate NSG exemption from the full-scope safeguards requirement to engage in civil nuclear trade with the NSG states.

India remains one of the three countries, with Pakistan and Israel to have never signed the NPT. 

Taaza Vaartha

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