Income Tax department has seized a INR 24 Crores in new notes in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Till now over INR 142 Crores worth of unaccounted assets have been seized so far. Police says that IT officials checked a car in Vellore after interrogating three men who had been arrested in Chennai two days ago when tax operations began. The blitz property belong to the industrialist Sekhar Reddy, his associate and Srinivasalu Reddy family member, their agents and including a man named Prem, IT official said. 

So far 4 out of the total 8 places have been raided, IT sources said. Sekhar Reddy, a eminent industrialist whose company JSR Infra Developers Pvt Ltd, compute the highways department and the public works department among its clients and was a member of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) Trust Board. Also Mr Reddy has a license to mine sand across the entire state of Tamil Nadu. The TTD Trust has removed Reddy from the board. 

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