By Accusing DMK leader M. Karunanidhi for giving incorrect instruction on the Cauvery water dispute, AIADMK MP S.R. Balasubramoniyan on putative that Tamil Nadu has suffered a massive loss because Karunanidhi rejected the then Karnataka Chief Minister Devaraj offer to give 265 tmc ft of Cauvery water to its lower riparian neighbour. By Recalling Mr. Karunanidhi squabble that as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu had withdrawn the case against Karnataka in the Supreme Court on the advice of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1972, Balasubramoniyan stated that the DMK leader had conveniently quell the promise made by Devaraj. Subsequent the talks between the two States due to the intervention of Indra Gandhi led to Devraj making the promise, adding that but Karunanidhi refused to accept the offer. The AIADMK MP said the case was resuscitate only in 1983 after the Cauvery Irrigation Farmers Welfare Association filed a petition in the Supreme Court pursue a direction to constitute the Cauvery Tribunal. The State government also imp-leaded itself in the case. The tribunal in its interim order, awarded 205 tmc ft water to Tamil Nadu. But Karnataka refused to implement it, MP Said.

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