Russia has been agreed to lease a second nuclear submarine to India in a deal which will cost around $2 billion. According to the sources the deal was struck during the meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Putin on October 15th on the sidelines of the BRICS meet in Goa. However, it was not part of the slew of announcements made after the talks. The Defence Ministry and the Navy did not offer any information on the subject since it was a strategic platform coming under direct purview of the Prime Minister's Office.

In Goa, India and Russia announced an over USD 3 billion frigate deal. Under the Pact, two furtiveness frigates will built in Russia while the other two would be built in India under license production. The Akula 2 class submarine, though not the latest class of nuclear-powered fast-attack submarines in the world, is still considered one of the most advanced. Capable of yacht at speeds up to 35 knots (nearly 65 km per hour) under water, it is among the quietest Russian submarines.

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