Telangana Government has failed to deliver its promises to the indigent communities, in spite of having come to power based on the Article-3 incorporate in the Indian Constitution by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, the National Alliances for Dalit Organisations (NADO) noted at its state level convention. The pact conducted on Saturday, has reviewed the status of Adivasis, Dalit, Nomadic Communities and Minorities noted that the Telangana cabinet does not have single woman member which goes against the creed of proportional representation, also the promise of Dalit Chief Minister was not serene. The convention was organised by the Telangana wing of NADO, on the instance of 84th year of Poona Pact, which had diluted the provisions of communal award for separate electorates for Dalits in favour of joint electorates. The Poona Pact resulted in enslavement of Dalit and Aadivasi public representatives, rather than empowering them to serve their respective communities better, Charles Wesley Meesa, facilitator of NADO in Telangana said. 

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