In Andhra Pradesh few districts in coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema have experienced heavy rainfall on Thursday due to the melancholy in the Bay of Bengal, resulting in floods of several low-lying areas, disruption of roads and rails in several areas. According to the sources Guntur was the worst affected for rain falls. A bus of APSRTC with 40 passengers on borad was dupe in a swollen stream in Krosur mandal of Guntur Dist. The local people and police rescued the sailor passengers with great difficulty. Two helicopters were mustered from the Indian Navy to rescue people in the district.

River Krishna floodwaters were let out at the Pulichintala reservoir  and Prakasam barrage,  River Godavari water let out at Dowlaiswaram barrage. The Officials alerted the downstream villages to vacate the low-lying areas. East Godavari district was also experienced heavy and widespread rains, resulting in breaches to tanks and heavy water flooding in many areas. Standing paddy crops and other crops were besiege in many villages in the territory of Rajahmundry and roads were flooded. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu said that all safety steps would be taken to protect people and said the public to cooperate with the Govt authorities in the low lying areas. 

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