About 59 % of India's land area is unguarded to modest or extreme earthquakes, as per the seismic zone map released on Tuesday. It also shows how out of the total 304 Million menages in the country, about 95 % are unguarded to earthquakes in different degrees. In next coming three months, from mobile phones the map will be accessible on to know how quake-vulnerable your home or office is. The map has been designed by NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) and BMTPC (Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council). The colour-coding easily conveys location in five different zones of earthquake vigour. These maps show the boundaries of hazard zones of various potency. The real benefit will be that people can locate themselves in their district boundary and find the possible intensity of quakes.

The development projects will also needs to include lightening measures against the disaster collision at the inceptive plan formulation, as well as execution stages so that whatever is developed should not suffer damage later. The atlas will be acutely useful for this, a housing ministry official said.

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