Kisan Raja solution allows the farmers to remotely control the agricultural motor using his mobile or landline. An IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) in local language helps in making selections for switching ON or OFF. Farmers also receive voice alerts for faulty power supply, motor not starting, lack of water in the well/bore, and attempt of device/ motor theft.

What is Kisan Raja?

Kisan Raja is a GSM based controller, which allows the farmer to control the agricultural motor using his mobile or landline from the comforts of his home. It is specifically designed to change the way the farmer interacts with motors.


  • Control your Motor pump from anywhere, anytime using your mobile or landline.
  • Safeguard your Motor pump from voltage fluctuations, wire-cut issues, dry run and theft detection of Motor/Starter.
  • Get instant Local language voice alerts for power availability, motor-running status.

Why KisanRaja?

Generally, a substantial amount of time and energy is spent by a person or a farmer to visit his farm for operating motors. The farmer has to travel to fields often during odd hours and in an unfavorable weather just to switch ON/OFF the motor due to unexpected erratic power supply.

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