Andhra Pradesh capital Amaravati has obliviously drawn the heed of Pakistan Media. The now discarded cupola shaped design for the Andhra Pradesh assembly at Amaravati drawn by international architects Maki and Associates has sparked off a conjecture that a mega nuclear power plant is being planned on the right bank of the river Krishna near Vijayawada. The footage of one such debate on a media in Pakistan was telecast by a Telugu TV channel on Tuesday night. One of the participants on the Pakistani channel proclaim that a mega city is being constructed in Andhra Pradesh to manufacture what he called hydrogen bombs. He also accused the United States of helping Andhra Pradesh in building Amaravati. 

Visits of sundry teams from Japan, Singapore and China  to Vijayawada has reportedly created a sort of fear psychosis on the other side of the border over a 'Mega Nuclear City'. En Passant the AP government had rejected the 'dome' design for the assembly as it favour nuclear towers. The government has asked Maki and Associates to come out with a new design. 

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