The word champion has never fit a man better. Muhammad Ali was a champion for peace, a champion for justice, and a champion for equality. He was a man who gained fame in a violent game, but immortality as a gentle and caring soul. In the ring, there was no one better, but his contributions to humanity managed to eclipse his boxing prowess.

Muhammad Ali, an American icon and boxing legend, died at the age of 74. In 1964, he stunned the world by defeating Sonny Liston for the title of Heavyweight Champion of the World, at the age of 22. Three years later, in 1967, Muhammad Ali once again emerged as a champion, when he risked it all and refused to be conscripted into the U.S. military, citing his religious beliefs and opposition to American involvement in the Vietnam War.

Ali was arrested and found guilty on draft evasion charges. In 1971, the United States Supreme Court unanimously overturned his 1967 conviction and he resumed his boxing career and spent the years that followed as a ‪‎True Champion‬ in and out of the ring. We will miss him. ‪‎RIP Ali‬.

One of the Great Speech by Muhammad Ali:


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