Microsoft has ready to pay $26.2 billion to acquire LinkedIn, Microsoft said in a statement. The price is at a fat premium of LinkedIn's recent trading value of $100-$130 a share, but a discount to its 2015 all time high above $270. LinkedIn is in a unprofitable notwithstanding promptly growing sales. LinkedIn has also faced ignominious, large-scale and potentially costly security contravention. In an statement, Microsoft called LinkedIn as the world's largest and most valuable professional network with innovative online learning, enterprise recruitment software platform Recruiter and mobile apps. LinkedIn gloat 'more than 433 members worldwide' up 19 % over a year ago and 105 million distinctive visiting members per month, up 9 % and fast-growing mobile usage and job listings. Microsoft and LinkedIn boards have approved the proposal subject to ratification by LinkedIn shareholders. LinkedIn will report as part of Microsoft's business processes segment. Microsoft said the deal won't turn profitable for the company until 2019. 

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