Independent MLA of Karnataka, Ashok Kheny found himself scratching Times Now editor, Arnab Goswami in the wrong end and had no choice but to face the brunt of the man himself. Times Now Reporter, Megha Prasad pursued Ashok Kheny demanding answers regarding the “horse-trading” allegations on Congress, who are allegedly offering lucrative offers to independent MLAs to secure their votes in the Rajya Sabha elections. When faced with such sharp and difficult questions, Ashok Kheny chose not to answer and ordered the security personnel to arrest the reporter, addressing her as “Saali”.

What followed was an escalated altercation between Kheny and Prasad which finally resulted in Arnab Goswami ringing up the MLA to have a talk with him. Amazing Arnab‘s video is a must watch if you’re tired of politicians who think they can do anything their whims may please!


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