India is focusing towards its eagerness to one day launch a space shuttle. On May-23rd scientists of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will send skyward scale model of a re-usable spacecraft as a test. If this mission is successful it would re-present a break through for india's low cost space exploration program. But it will take long time to develop a working space shuttle. It is a technology demonstrator launch, according to the sources in ISRO. To build and launch a proper space shuttle can take 10-15 years. The modeled shuttle is about one-sixth size of planned craft, which will be launched from a small island off coast of the Andhra Pradesh. It will travel to an altitude of about 43 miles and then return to earth with this scientists can see how it behaves as it re-enters the atmosphere. The plan is to attempt a controlled landing of the space craft in the Bay of Bengal, according to the source. There won’t be an attempt to recover the vehicle. The launch will follow India's recent launch of a satellite, essential to create own satellite-navigation system. India has gained a global recognition for its budgeted satellite launches. 

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