On the death of hyderabad engineering student on monday her family has alleged that her death was murder, not an accident. Devi Reddy (21) went to a party on sunday night and met with an accident in Jubilee area at around 4 am. She was in the car of Bharath Simha Reddy her senior in college which had collided with a tree. Manasa, Devi’s older sister was in tears when she alleged that her sister’s death was murder and not an accident. Bharath Simha who was with her is being protected and influenced by his father who is a real-estate businessman. On Wednesday, Devi’s family and friends conducted a candle light pray for her at the site of the accident. On Thursday afternoon, the police visited the site and attempted to recreate the accident. A case has been registered under section 304 A of the IPC. Devi’s family says they want justice for her and that their questions must be answered. We don’t want this to happen with anyone else, Manasa said.

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