After China blocked India's bid at the United Nations to ban Masood Azhar, it was told that it cannot have double standards on terrorism, V K Singh (Union Minister of State for External Affairs) said on Saturday. We have informed to China in clear terms that you cannot have two standards on terrorism. China cannot say that it will't accept or it is against terrorism and at the same time china support a leader of a terrorist outfit, V K Singh said. India's opinion has been conveyed to China at many fora, including the External Affairs ministry the former Army chief said here on the sidelines of a seminar by Centre for Eastern and North Eastern Regional Studies Kolkata (CENERS-K). (Also Read about PM Modi calls meeting with CM's of Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra-Click here)

The United Nations had banned Jaish-e-Mohammad but India's efforts seeking a ban on Masood after 2008 Mumbai terror attack, did not productive as China did not allow the ban. When asked about India's disapproval to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the minister said there are problems. It is through a territory which belongs to India and India has raised its concerns and has told China about it. Let's see. Once we have expressed our point you need to consider what exactly is the status of that territory. We will wait a bit to see what China says about it, V K said. 

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