Sripuram, is a spiritual institution spread over 250 acres of lands in Natural environment, located in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu.

Sripuram is a spiritual Oasis, is a Divine creation to elevate mankind to higher realms of spirituality.

It is the unique Project to promote socio-religious and cultural inter-action among the people from different religions.

The Mahalakshmi Golden Temple is surrounded by a star shaped pathway that has the scripture from different epics engraved on tablets.

Its heartening to note apart from spiritual, The Peetam involves in various social activities for over a decade to uplift the down trodden people irrespective of caste, creed and religion, under the divine guidance of Sri Sakthi Amma.

Several social and welfare programmes are being carried out like Arogya-Health, Vidya Nethram–Education, Jyothi swaroopini-worshiping place, Punarjanma-Rehabilitation of prisoners, Mathruganga-Drinking water, Kalyani – Marriage, Annadanam – free food, Kamadenu-free milk, Vastharadhanam-freecloths, Pension scheme and Sri sakthi Amma Afforastation Programme.

These activities are benefiting several thousands of poor people and students every year.

Also learnt that Peetam has a Gosala with 500 hundred cows in it for own consumption and the surplus milk from the farm is donated to the poor children. The cow dung is used in the biogas plant generating fuel for cooking purpose.

The Peetam also has a good solid waste management system, organic and inorganic are segregated and organic waste is converted into manure for internal consumption.

I was very impressed by the Sri Sakthi Amma Afforestation programme in which 06 lakhs Saplings have been planted in Kailasagiri Hill.

I am happy to note that they are not only concentrating on social evils but also is actively involved in environmental and ecological balance of the area.
Under Arogya (Health) Scheme caters the whole treatment free of cost of the patients especially for the students suffering from cardiac, liver and kidney problems. Every year several hundreds of physically challenged persons are benefited with the wheel chairs, Tricycle, crutches, artificial limbs, Hearing aids from Amma’s generosity. People who can afford them have to pay.

Today along with Sri Sakthi Amma inaugurated 125 beded multi specialty New Block of Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre at Sripuram today. All modern equipment from Germany installed like MRI, CT scan and may more.
I feel that all people should visit the Shakti Peetam, particularly younger generation.
Mr. Venkaiah Naidu told to media.

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