Taaza Vaartha Rating: 3.5/5

The audience gave Gaurav wolf whistles and loud applause. And the response of the audience says Gaurav's desi dialogues, made us dilliwalahs go literally bonkers.The movie shows the most important facts about the fandom which Shahrukh Khan who plays the role of Aryan Khanna as a star enjoys. Superstar Aryan Khanna starts out small. He didn’t bother to buy train tickets and stays in a small hotel when he first set foot in Mumbai. His  appeased greed for success and his spirit eventually makes him one of Bollywood’s biggest success stories. This movie shows how Aryan Khanna achieved and what he did. 

Gaurav Chanana fan of Aryan runs a cyber cafe in Delhi, Inder Vihar. A 'Best Actor' trophy in a local competition gives him a new reason in life, he wants to show his trophy to Aryan Khanna. Then Gaurav traces Aryan’s journey in Mumbai he stays at the same hotel which aryan stayed earlier, travels without a ticket, he finally reaches the aryan's house. After much struggle, Gaurav meets Aryan but the encounter is nothing he expected it to be Gaurav tries to believe the star to show some gratitude to his fans, but Aryan is too aggressive to share his credit with a million people. Then the battle between a fan and his godly superstar (Aryan) begins. Screenplay and dialogue of Habib Faisal need a special mention. 

Taaza Verdict: The movie shows war between Fan and Star which is never seen before in Hindi films.

NOTE: Watch in theaters only and Kill Piracy. 

Taaza Vaartha

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