Six Left parties on Friday sought the release of Kanhaiya Kumar and punish those who they said fabricated 'evidence' leading to his arrest for sedition. Kanhaiya Kumar’s arrest on charges that he shouted anti-national slogans during a meeting on Kashmir in the campus was part of efforts to sharpen communal polarization in the country.
The truth has now come out that shows most of the evidence produced by the government was fabricated. Those who have fabricated the evidence and propagated it must be punished under the law. The Left parties said they condemned the attack launched by the RSS-BJP against the Left and all other progressive forces. They said the denunciation of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) was part of a larger design by communal forces to carry forward their agenda in institutions of higher learning. The Left parties will hold all India protests from February 23 to 25 on this issue.

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