Facebook Inc,Social media giant today has expressed disappointment over TRAI decision not to allow differential pricing of data, saying it adversely impacts its free internet platform Free Basics. By saying our goal with Free Basics is to bring more people online with an open, non-exclusive and free platform.
TRAI Chairman RS Sharma said no service provider shall offer or charge discriminatory tariffs for data services on the basis of content unveiling the details of the regulations, effective today. However, plans which are in contravention to this regulation that are active in market will remain in existence for a period of 6 months from their activation. Facebook launched aggressive campaign to defend its Free Basics platform and advocated that zero rating plans can lead to increase in Internet adoption at no cost to the government, the content provider or the consumers. It was available in India only on Reliance Communications network but the same was put on hold after TRAI order.

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