Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kremlin on Wednesday.

Narendra Modi is in Moscow for a two-day visit to attend an annual summit between the two nations. He is expected to hold formal talks with Putin on economic and political issues on Thursday, including the declassification of files of India's freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose.
Modi will also address the Indian community and visit Russian centre for national disaster management process. The mutual investment between the two countries stands at US$11 billion, which as India aims, should reach US$30 billion in another 10 years.
India has termed Russia as an "old and trusted" partner. Russia has also supported India's bid to become a permanent member of United Nations Security Council.
A number of agreements will be signed by the two sides during the visit, some of which are awaiting final touches. Discussions on Free-Trade area, Eurasian Economic zone, boosting tourism and agro trade between the two countries will be taken up.
Modi is expected to promote deals for Russian nuclear reactors and military helicopters worth billions of dollars, attracted by promises to transfer technology that Western nations have been slow to make.
Russia and India will manufacture 200 Kamov-226T helicopters in a joint venture, a Russian and an Indian government official said, in the first big step for Modi's campaign to build a domestic industrial base and reduce the military's dependence on expensive imports.
Modi will also offer Russia a site in Andhra Pradesh to build six nuclear reactors of 1,200 megawatts each, sources said.

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