Former Pakistan cricketers Mohammad Yousuf and Ramiz Raja were involved in an ugly verbal fight during a TV debate. While the discussion was meant to be on Mohammad Amir’s return to the Pakistan cricket team, it turned out to be personal affair between the former cricketers.

Ramiz: Firstly, people should stop lying once they grow beard.

Yousuf: Shameless people like you can think like this only. You haven’t done anything in cricket. You can only talk. You were not able to play cricket and now you have done such a thing. You are not capable of keeping a beard. Get him in front of me. I want to see how big a cricketer he was. You only have two hundreds in 57 Tests. People like you shouldn’t even speak on cricket. Aren’t you ashamed of speaking such things about cricket. You are just a teacher, English teacher and nothing else.

Ramiz: You can speak anything, and you have done such a shameful thing in cricket.

Yousuf: I don’t know anything other than to play cricket. Do you know how to do that? You are just a school teacher.

Anchor: I request you both to keep silence. My intentions of having you two here were not these. I wanted to know about Amir’s involvement in the team. Ramiz bhai how important will it be for the management to take Aamir along in the camp.

Ramiz: Firstly, don’t bring shameless people like him when I am around.


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