Despite the lack of rain of late, the umpires aren't happy. Inspection at 20:30 Local." So that means we probably won't get a full game; we are supposed to start losing overs from 8 pm. And worse case scenario - 10.15 pm appears to be the cut-off time to call off the game.
Preetam: "It would be very interesting to see who all would make in playing 11 if the games squeezes to 12 to 15 over. " --- And that puts the emphasis on out-and-out power hitting, and the chasing side might just end up with a decisive advantage.
           The three umpires are going on a lap around the outfield. Right now they are at the 30-yard circle. The supersoppers are still out. I think we are slowly getting to the point where this one will finally start. But keep in mind, 8 pm is the cut-off point when we might be losing overs.
          The Indians have made their way back to the dressing room with the umpires' inspection five minutes away. Don't think the South Africans came out, by the way. We should be getting some news, and hopefully of the good kind, very soon.
Bharath Seervi: "Rohit Sharma scored 177 in his first Test at Eden Gardens, scored 264 in his first ODI at Eden Gardens. Today is his first T20I at Eden Gardens, if the match is on. "
koka: "@Bharat Seervi : Add to the fact that He won two IPL's as a captain for mumbai."
           Meanwhile Sourav Ganguly, who is running things at the Cricket Association of Bengal, has been spotted having a little chat with MS Dhoni and the South African captain Faf du Plessis. Topic seems to be the condition of the ground, judging from how Faf points to parts of the Eden Gardens. Supersoppers (three that I can spot) are on full alert, by the way.
Amid the spotlight on this game, almost silently, South Africa fast bowler Rusty Theron has announced his retirement from all forms of the game at the age of 30. For context, Misbah-ul-Haq at 41 is still fit and firing in Test cricket at least.

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